Core values



  • SCBI considers Integrity an important foundation of its business. We comply fully with the law and maintain the highest level of professional and social ethics.

  • SCBI adopts a customer-centered approach, in which our company places the interests and wishes of the customers above its own. We strive to provide its customers with the best products and services, and considers customer satisfaction as the measure of success.

  • SCBI upholds a customer-service approach, and only takes on a task with our mission.


  • SCBI places utmost importance on building its Credibility. We believe Credibility is a competitive advantage and vigorously protects its Credibility as one would protect one’s honor.

  • SCBI is fully prepared to execute its plans and spares no effort in meeting its commitments, even going beyond the expectations of customers and partners, particularly on those related to product quality – services and implementation progress.


  • SCBI considers Creativity as the source of vitality and innovation in each of its products and services. Creativity enables us to deliver on its philosophy of “Dare To Think, Dare to Do” aimed at building an organization eager to learn and to apply modern scientific and technical technologies into its production and management. We always looks into improving its efficiency and enhancing the quality of its products and services.


  • SCBI considers “Speed and efficiency in every activity” as our guiding principle and “Fast Decision – Fast Investment – Fast Deployment – Fast Sales – Fast change and Quick Adaptation” as our core value.

  • SCBI believes that “Glory goes to those who meets deadline”. We understand the importance of speed whilst upholding its commitment to quality.


  • SCBI strives to develop a force of effective and efficient human capital with sound Ethics and Knowledge, where each member is an expert in his field.


  • SCBI fosters close relationships with our customers, business partners, colleagues, investors and society with goodwill, compassion and a humane spirit.

  • SCBI value employees as our most important resource; we build a professional, dynamic, creative and compassionate work environment, and provide a superior compensation package and fair development opportunities to all employees.

  • The humanity factor is the decisive to success of the business and its the most value asset, every employee is a collaborator, united, creative and constantly innovate.


  • Integrity, honesty and professional etiquette make the foundation of the firm relationship with partners.

  • SCBI listens and receives feedback from clients as the foundation of cooperation.

  • Cost-Eficiency, both sides are agreeable benefit.

  • We always respect core values and humane philosophy in business.

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